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Metal Building Types and Metal Building Prices Denver Contractors Offer

When it comes to metal building prices Denver companies provide lots of different pricing ranges. While metal buildings are definitely among the cheapest building solutions available today, the price you will be required to pay depends on many factors – here are the most important ones.


The larger the building, the more expensive for the simple reason that a larger building needs more raw material.

Building Type

There are two basic types of metal buildings: conventional and pre-fabricated. Conventional buildings are designed individually, from the ground up, so they usually take longer and are more expensive to create, while pre-fabricated buildings use predefined technologies and a predetermined quantity of raw materials, which shortens delivery time and reduces costs.

The structure of your metal building is another important factor that determines price:

–    Straight-walled buildings, also called rigid frame or I-Beam structures, consist of huge trusses that comprise the side walls. This technology is suitable for very large buildings such as airplane hangars or industrial facilities,

–    Multiple span buildings are practically a sub-category of the previous type. Beside trusses, this type of metal construction uses additional internal support columns as well that allow for building even larger structures,

–    Arched structure – also called Quonset after the name of the place the first building of this type was erected, this type of metal buildings is affordable and versatile. These structures can be used as homes, military, agricultural and commercial application. These prefabricated buildings are usually made from galvanized steel panels that can be easily assembled and dismantled, so arched structure buildings can be relocated, too.

Labor Costs

Labor-related costs also vary depending on the size and the type of the building. Both conventional and pre-fabricated buildings need to be assembled by professionals, but the latter type is more of a routine work for the experts, therefore it is cheaper in terms of labor costs as well.

Other Costs that Determine Final Price

There are some additional factors that are not strictly related to the building itself, but will increase the price of constructing a metal building:

–    Permits – no construction can be done without permits,
–    Plumbing and electricity – utilities also need to be professionally designed and installed,
–    Heating – not compulsory for certain applications, but obligatory for others, the heating system also needs to be designed and executed by experts,
–    Insulation – all metal buildings, except carports, are required to have at least some insulation. Insulation-related costs depend on the type of insulating material that you choose and the type will also determine whether you need expert installation or you can do it yourself.

How to Find Out More

If you want to find out more about metal building prices, Denver contractors can provide you with detailed and accurate quotes based on your preferences. Carry out a quick online search to find the companies that offer metal building construction services, then invite company representatives to your building site. Most companies offer initial site inspection and consultation for free and many companies can help you find the right financing solution as well.