Denver Fencing Options – Materials and Features

The fencing material that you choose for your home is important not only for aesthetic reasons – your choice will also determine how the fence will perform its other functions such as providing security and protecting your privacy. There are a number of aspects to consider when choosing the material of your fence – what we have chosen to focus on here when evaluating residential fencing options is price, durability and maintenance needs.



The most traditional and one of the most common fencing material, wood provides superior aesthetics and functionality, while being easy on the budget, too. The costs will depend on the size of the fence and the type of wood you use – pine is cheaper, while harder varieties can be a bit more expensive. However, whatever type of wood you choose, it will still be an affordable fence. In terms of maintenance needs, wood fences require a bit more attention than other materials – they need regular inspections, cleaning and treatment with protective coatings – but if you give it a little care at least once a year, your wood fence can last for decades.  Choose a Denver fence company that will provide maintenance of your fence after the installation is complete.



Relatively low cost and maintenance free, aluminum fencing is a good choice if you look for curb appeal and you don’t need too much protection or strength. The only maintenance these fences need is painting during the installation phase.


PVC Fence

The cheapest of all the available residential fencing options, PVC fences are available in many different patterns and designs. PVC fences comprise panels installed between wooden spikes clad in PVC for protection and cost reduction purposes (less wood is used that way). PVC is durable, resistant to the weather, it requires hardly any maintenance and comes in many different sizes and colors, so it is a great choice for any fence


Chain Link Fence

Preferred more for its functionality than its looks, chain link fencing is cheap, easy to install and easy to maintain. You can even enhance the aesthetic appeal of your chain link fence by planting bushes or shrubbery at the base of the fence or growing a hedge – the plants will make the fence look better and will also give you more privacy on your property.


Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences are the most elegant and the most expensive of them all. These custom-made fences are strong and very attractive, but they require lots of attention if you want to avoid damage by rust. You need to inspect the fence every few months for rust stains, then you must remove the stains and paint the treated portion to match the color of the rest of the fence – a lot of work, but the attractive looks are worth it.



Vinyl is becoming more and more popular nowadays – small wonder, the material is cheap, durable, flexible and apart from some scrubbing with soap water, it requires no maintenance. You might have to pay a bit more for the installation than in the case of fences made from other materials, but this will probably be your only expense for the lifetime of the fence.