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It is really very sad us to know that now some teenagers in the United States have the perception that smoking of marijuana is safer as compared smoking of tobacco, despite the fact is that neither of them is safe. It has been researched that the use of marijuana is increasing day by day among the “Teens”, unfortunately, see them as the dangerous drug. John Ingold states that “the teen tobacco have been declined over the past ten years, the use of marijuana have comparatively increased since the early part of the decades.” “The studies of research have found that 8% of the 8th graders, 16.7% of the 10th graders and 21.4% of 12th graders having marijuana in the past whole month. These figures were even higher as compared to the number of the people who smoke the cigarette in the past whole month- which is 7.1%, 13.6% and 19.2 respectively.”

What might make teenagers think that smoking of marijuana is safer, especially they have already got the message about the tobacco and we have also found it was of use in the last decade? Would it possibly that Denver job market, can be legalized for marijuana; more medical marijuana shops are opened in the city of Denver job market as compared to Starbucks; it was already defeated the ballot measure in their last California election; or it might also be that the hype surrounding biggest Cannabis Convention the United States which might currently go to the city of Denver job market?

We have already done the disservice to our teenagers, just because both marijuana and the tobacco have the same ill effects. Despite the fact that NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse)states that the marijuana smokers experience the respiratory disturbances which are similar as compared to the tobacco smokers which includes lung infections and cough. Unlike tobacco, marijuana might increase the risk of heart attack because of its ability which might increase the heart attack and blood pressure. “It states that marijuana contains 50-70% more carcinogenic hydrocarbons as compared to tobacco smoke”. Marijuana’s advocate’s defense saying that they the teenagers don’t smoke marijuana as compared to the cigarette smokers, but on the other hand it is the pointless defense just because neither of them is safe.

Let’s address the current debate of the Colorado Legislature regarding their legal limit of THC (the primary drug of the marijuana) which has been used for operating the motor vehicle, while on the other hand the medical communities also state that the effects are same as compared to the alcohol. The experts also state that they also have the psychological effects on the developing brains of the teenagers, which also includes the short-term effects like memory and learning problems, distorted perception, the loss of the motor coordination and some trouble with solving the problems. Definitely, marijuana has the negative effect on the impact of the teen education, which leads to fewer kids for going to the colleges, fewer in getting the Denver job market and etc.

We don’t really have the problem with the medical marijuana use, which eases the pain and helps the patients from suffering from the medical needs. But on the other hand, we have also done the huge disservice to the youth by the means and the hype by the well- intending adults for getting the pot on election ballots, opening the medical marijuana shop for profit and for promoting the convention.